Saturday, September 20, 2008

September 19--My Favorite Zoo

(click photo to enlarge)
Due to technical difficulties with my laptop yesterday (i'm seriously considering spending my life savings on a mac at this point) I wasn't able to post this wonderful photo.
I tend to spend my Friday afternoons on Mountain Street playing batman, dress up, tea party, cars and many other fun games with my favorite zoo--ben, abby and emma.
Yesterday I was introduced to Teri and Jeff's 4th child, Julianna (see second photo from the left). Julianna is Abby's "baby sister" who goes on walks with us, eats meals with us and does just about anything else that the "real" Griffith children do. While Abby was busy caring for her baby sister, Ben was busy being Batman and riding his bike "as fast as he can!" He's so cute when he puts his Batman (or Superman, Power Ranger, or Speed Racer) costumes on because he immediately gets this completely serious look on his face and walks around the house with a stance that says "I will save the world."
Emma's big news for me yesterday was that she recently graduated to "big girl undies" (see far right photo). Why can't all underwear have Disney princesses on them? They're so cute!


griffithzoo said...

nana day is our favorite day of the week!

Mom said...

I sure miss the darling "Griffith Zoo"! I don't really have any of that around here in our new neighborhood and Ben, Abby, and Emma always made me smile. Miss you Teri and case you are reading the posts like I do.

MaryBraun said...

Just wanted to let you know that John is the same way as Ben. He just got a new Incredible Hulk costume and wanted to wear it to bed. Pat said no, so he slept with it like a blankey. The girls will be Shawn Johnson the gymnast for Halloween.