Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 28---Jamie the Blushing Bride

I got to see my ex-roomie, Jamie in Heritage Square today
while she modeled for a fashion show through the ages!

Friday, March 27, 2009

March 28---Another "Summer" Day in the Sun

March 26---Don't Die Captain

captain & kate.

March 25---WOWWWWWW

I've spent the last 4 days looking for this ipod. I was convinced I left it at Kate's house after we drove back from Long Beach. It wasn't until today that Kate asked if I had checked my car and low and behold, after 4 days of searching, it had been hiding in between my front seats. geeeeez person.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 24--finally, someone to bowl with

I love bowling, but for some reason most of the people in my life don't enjoy it as much as I do, leaving it difficult for me when I'm in the mood for a game. However, tonight Carly invited me to go bowling with her friends and my first thought was YES, finally someone to bowl with!
The deal got even sweeter when I found out shoes only cost $5.00 and each game was $.50 (unreal right?)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 23---Field Trippin to the Arboretum

We took the photo students to the arboretum.
They were ultra excited for the peacocks.

March 22---Starbucks & Vromans Date

I have a big test on Tuesday so Kate & I did like old times and went to Starbucks to get our hw done. Afterward we stopped by Vromans to check out what new books were on the shelves.

March 21---One Party After Another

Kate arrived yesterday to spend her spring break in Pasadena hours after my fam left for TN.
We caught up on last week's missed TV shows today and it somehow took us all day before we got up off her comfy bed. That's what Saturday afternoons are for aren't they?
It wasn't until 5:00 that we got up and drove to Long Beach to see I Love You, Man and pick up her brother from a birthday party.

March 20--Chalk Soup

Ben, Abby, Emma & I
spent our day in the
warm "summer sun",
as Abby called it.
They made chalk
soup & added dirt,
leaves, an orange,
flowers, bark, grass,
and a dead bee as

March 19--- I Love You, Man?

Hunter & mom leave for Nashville tomorrow morning. Since the legal age in TN for seeing rated R movies is 18, Hunter wanted to see I Love You, Man here before he leaves. Since it doesn't come out until tomorrow, tonight's midnight showing was Hunter's only option. I was, of course, more than willing to go with him since my man crush, Andy Samberg is in it. Unfortunately, our plans changed at the last minute and we couldn't end up seeing it.

But here's a little Andy, for your viewing pleasure....

March 18---Bring Your Brother to Work Day

Hunter got to see all his friends today while he joined me at work at MHS. He then drove me to Northridge, dropped me off, and borrowed my car for the next day.

March 17---A Little Look @ Our Day

[mom & nana came to meet manal and see the dorm]

[landon made auntie read him a book "right de-ar" on the floor]

[austen had crazy after shower hair]

[most all of the grandkids together. minus hunter's wisdom teeth]

Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16---OUCH

Hunter got his wisdom teeth out today. I haven't seen him yet since the surgery but he made it sound like it couldn't have gone any smoother (jerk...).
P.S. he's looking wayyyy too old these days isn't he?

March 15---Meeting Momma Roomie

Hunter & I joined Manal & her mom for Coffee Bean tonight.
Manal said Hunter is my twin.
I said Manal is her mother's daughter.
Genetics boggle my mind.

March 14---Boys Will Be Boys

Babysat Sam & Hope while their mom went to a wedding [with my mom].
Hope went out with friends.
Sam [& friend] played video games.
the entire night.

March 13---San Luis & Other Things

Mom & Hunter came to town & today we took a roadtrip with Auntie to San Luis Obisbo to do a little college searchin' for Hunter at SLO.
The school was pretty amazing. Our tour guide, however, was a major let down.
Later in our evening, Logan had a concert performance at Lake Ave.
Austen lost her front tooth.
Landon couldn't sit still.
Logan sang great.
Mom fell asleep.

March 12---Visiting the Watchmaker

Manal works at a clock shop right by our school so I decided it was time that I drop in to say hello & bug her for a little while.
It was a coincidence that I had on my [reallllllllly dirty] watch and so she gave me a lesson in watch cleaning.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 11---Sprucing the Place Up.

The dull apartment needed lights.
in march.

March 10---Dabbling.

I dabbled in soy candle making today.
100% eco-friendly.
smells yummy like vanilla.
aqua colored.

March 9---Oops List....

1. Meg accidentally drops trash down stairwell
2. Manal hits head on corner of table
3. Meg freaks out while jay-walking
4. Manal loses keys....twice
5. Meg goes to class an hour early.
6. Manal uses body wash as lotion (my favorite)

These are a few of the things that make up Manal & my "oops list".
why? because we're dumb....a lot.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8---One For Me, One For You

TOMS Shoes.

I treated myself and a little boy/girl in Africa or Argentina to new shoes today.
You should too.

1 purchase = a pair for you and a pair for them.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 7--- My First Experience with Swaddling

I started babysitting 5 mo. old twins today---Chase & Chance (twins names, huh?)
They were super cute (especially since they mostly just ate and slept).

March 6---Abigail Show #26964305

Matt & I supported his besties at their band's show tonight.
Their guitarist couldn't make it so they had a fill in who I just so happen to graduate elementary & junior high with--Justin Fuji.

It was a fun show---& it didn't hurt that the venue had never
ending free cups of [delicious] coffee/hot chocolate [with whip cream]

March 5---TV in bed

cozy in bed.
about to watch [new episode] of greys anatomy.
& update the blog [finally].
stupid rerun [of course].
went to bed.
sorry. no blogging.

March 4---Ben & His Girlfriend, Maddy

Ben brought his "girlfriend", Maddy, home from school to play with us today. He told me he likes her because she doesn't like girl stuff. Of course they spent their play date dressing up as football players, playing cars and trucks, and launching pretend rockets in the backyard.
Oh to be 5 and in love....

(my heart was set on Matt Quintero at this age)

March 3--Wash Your Dishes in a Timely Fashion....

with 4 roommates, this rarely happens.
I wish we had a dishwasher.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 2---My Most Favorite.

I was looking through old photos on my computer today & found one of my most favorite photos of all time.
Bet you can't guess who the kiddo on the right is...
ok, it's pretty obvious, not to mention his name is written at the bottom.

(this was originally a b/w photo but with the help of Photoshop, I colored the tractor a few years ago--and for those of you haven't figured out who the kid is: thats my dad!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 1---A Lesson in Adobe Illustrator

Today, Matt learned a new technique on his favorite design program: Illustrator and gave me a lesson in how to create super cool art much like these:
(The idea for this derived from Matt's "pet name" for me: Meg-Han)

February 28---My Day Today