Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 28--- Thank Goodness for Manal's Frozen Bananas...

because I am very accident prone.

I managed to smack my face against the corner of a wooden bed post tonight and cut my lid up pretty well.
Thankfully no stitches were involved in this incident and thank goodness Manal had frozen bananas in our freezer to keep the array of colors, as well as the swelling down.

January 27--- i'm not a cat person, but.....

isn't Gato cute?

January 26---It's About Time...

Thanks to my wonderful Aunt and Uncle, the roommates and I FINALLY have a microwave.
yes, I think it was about time given that we've lived here for 4 months...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

January 25.

January 24---Souplantation.

Jamie leaves tomorrow morning
so we headed to Souplantation
for a final meal and goodbye.

Friday, January 23, 2009

January 23--Just Another Night at the Bollenbachers....

Our night =

>Yummy new dinner thanks to Mama B, Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, & my enthusiasm.
>Burn After Reading with the fam.
>Mama B's green robe (that is only allowed on my blog if she isn't visible in it *top right*).
>Garr in "his chair".
>Our driveway parking lot.
>Geography homework.
>The household rules that follow Padre Miguel's bedtime *top left*.

January 22---(Too) Early Goodbyes.

We recently found out that due to personal circumstances, one of my very special roommates, Jamie, will be moving home for the semester come Sunday. We're all a little at odds with this new development but are trying to make the best of it by gorging ourselves in frozen yogurt on this very rainy day.

when it rains it pours.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21--- Breaking Ground @ PCS

Today, Kate & I attended the ground breaking at PCS for the new junior high building (for those of you who aren't familiar--Pasadena Christian School was our elementary/junior high school).
We were reunited with familiar faces from our elementary days & thanks to Mrs B, got all the reunions documented for your blogger's enjoyment!

Mrs. Farrar-Perkins
Bomb Diggity Jr. High Principle

Mrs. Cunningham
The Best 1st Grade teacher

Mrs. Bailey
Our Elementary Principle

Mrs. Avis
Third Grade Teacher's Aide

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20--OBAMA morning.

What's nice about having class at 9:30 AM this semester (rather than 8:00) is that the roommates and I were able to wake up early and watch an extra hour of Obama's inauguration this morning!
How amazing is it that we (finally) have our first African American president?!

January 19--The End of our 24 Hours in San Diego

We woke early this morning to take advantage of the little time we had left together in the perfect city of San Diego.  We couldn't believe the view we had from our balcony so we took in the beautiful morning by playing hairstylists & dying each other's hair on our balcony.
We headed to Mission Beach for lunch along the water before Kate & I had to drive back to Pasadena (my first day of class is tomorrow...booooo).

January 18--The Beginning of our 24 Hours in San Diego

Saturday afternoon Kate & I got a call from one of our best friends in Seattle, Anja.   She called to inform us of her last minute decision to spend her 4 day weekend in sunny CA.  
With little effort, she booked a flight and was in San Diego by 10:30 this morning with her brother, Josh.
After 2 1/2 hours on the road this morning, Kate & I arrived in San Diego ready to spend the day at the pool & the night in Old Town with our buddies

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17--- Potstickers

stove topped

January 16--- We Enjoy the Occasional Trip to Goodwill

My mom once had these glasses, so naturally
when I saw them at Goodwill I just had to have them.

January 15--- Headed Home.

when I got on the plane this morning, nashville = 12 degrees.
when I stepped off the plane this afternoon,
los angeles = 85 degrees.

It's time to pack away my winter coat.

January 14---More Louie

Shot more photos of Louie today.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 13---Barbara's Home Cooking

It's a tradition when I come home to visit Norma & Matt and eat some delicious, artery clogging southern cookin' at Barbara's Home Cooking.
It was ultra crowded tonight.

January 12---A New Series?

Nashville has a wide variety of churches on what seems like every corner.
Whether their welcome sign has words of encouragement or words meant to sound "punny", I have decided to start documenting the interesting ones in hopes of potentially starting a series. It's definitely been done before but with so many signs at my fingertips I figure why not?

Happy Birthday Christian!

January 11---Dinner with the Mr. Bill Ross Family

I kind of love their house.
Meet Barb Ross: my mom's Nashvillian BFF---->

January 10---ABC Therapy.

I spent my day in Knoxville with Terry Jo and a couple other alphabet therapists. We were doing a workshop for a few families who have children with Angelmans Syndrome, as well as completing my training to be an ABC therapist in LA.

Friday, January 9, 2009

January 9---From Nurse to Crazy Kitchen Lady

I spent my morning preparing spaghetti & bread sticks with my mom and the 6 other crazy kitchen ladies for lunch at Hunter's school. I stopped by for a quick hello and ended up staying all the way through the lunch services. My mom and I were laughing at the fact that she went from being a serious nurse in LA to a crazy, spaghetti cookin' kitchen lady here in TN :)

Happy Birthday Mary!!
Happy 2 Years Katelyn & Matt!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8---Louie & Our Book.

This is Louie.
Louie has Angelman Syndrome & is in a 4th grade class with 25 students without disabilities. Louie's mom works at Vanderbilt at the Peabody Institute and the two of us are teaming up to publish a book about what it's like for a child with disabilities to go to school in inclusion. I spent the day with Louie photographing what an everyday school experience looks like for him. I watched as every one of his peers treated him as an equal; played with him on the playground, played the recorder with him in music class, cleaned up when he spilled milk at lunch and wanted to smile with him in all the photos.

January 7---Dad & His Cubicle

I surprise visited my Dad at the hospital today. I got the official tour which included the "cough and sneeze station" (which came in handy for us cough and sneezers) and his office....well, his cubicle.

January 6---Sick.


January 5---Inspirations for My New Year

Annie Leibovitz.

Ben Parks.

Mitchell Davis.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

January 4---On the Passenger Side

Hunter got his license a few months ago but I hadn't thought much of it until today when we were getting in the car to meet my dad at the movies (we saw Milk--great movie and GREAT acting -- Emile Hirsch continues to amaze me). He got in the drivers seat and I forgot that it was legal for him to do that without one of our parents with us. It was thrilling to sit thoughtless in the passenger seat, shooting a few photos along the cold, rainy road to Green Hills since driving Hunter has been my responsibility for the last however many years.

January 3---Painting.

As you walk through our house one of the first things you'll probably notice are the vibrant colors that fill our walls. My parents love them some golds, greens and reds, and today as I walked into my bathroom, I realized it was the only room in our house that was completely colorless. My dad announced today that I need to clear out my room because he intends on us painting it while I'm here these next 2 weeks. Hopefully this will mean my bathroom will soon join our colorful house as well...but if not, I do kind of like it this way.

Friday, January 2, 2009

January 2---Nashville Here We Come

The duration of my day was spent on
Flight 3219 to Nashville, TN
sitting beside Hunter, completely engulfed in Twilight.

January 1---New Years Parade in HD // Austen Turns 24 ?

For me, New Years usually means sitting on the Tournament of Roses parade route with the entire city of Pasadena, watching the floats and marching bands. I realized this year how special it is to live in this wonderful city where hundreds of Pasadena's residents gather together to celebrate the coming year together.
This year, I failed to make secure plans for my parade going and so Matt & I enjoyed the parade via HD with his family. The HD did it's job well; making me feel as though I was sitting on the crowded streets of the parade route enjoying the show just like past years (only this year I was sitting in the warmth of a cozy house drinking tea in my pajamas and not missing the actual parade experience in the least).
Later in my day, Austen's birthday was celebrated in between commercials of the USC/Penn State game. She turned 7--even though she insisted on having 24 candles fill her cake. She got "A Christmas with Marley" and to my surprise, remained tearless as we read it.

December 31---Ringing in the New Year Texas Style

Matt & I spent our New Years Eve with Mary and her new(ish) boyfriend, Ryan, from Texas (whom I was FINALLY able to meet outside of the virtual world of Facebook). Mary's family's annual New Years Eve party was a blast; spent with old & new friends. As you might be able to tell, Mary and I were a little excited to see each other since it's a rare occurrence for us these days..

December 30---Ode to Low Gas Prices

how often does a 10 gallon tank of gas cost less than 20 bucks?!