Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December 29---Our Creative Side

arts and crafts with austen.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28---Marley & Austen

We saw Marley & Me today and since we arrived 15 minutes late, seating was scarce. I had Landon sitting on my lap and sharing our small little seat with Austen. At the end of the movie, Marley's life was coming to an end and all of a sudden 6-year-old little Austen looks up at me and starts sobbing.
Usually, movie theater tears end by the time the movie is over....but not for Austen. She spent the next 45 minutes sobbing because Marley died. Even after she had pulled herself together, if you so much as mentioned the word Marley, she would break down again in a matter of seconds. For as sad as she was, I found it oddly hilarious. This picture of her cracks me up.... (and I have her full permission to post it here, so no, I don't feel bad about posting her sensitive moment online...and mocking it a little).

December 27---Us7 Reunion

Meet: Kristen, Camille, Camly, Laurel, Becca & Katelyn
The 7 of us were best friends throughout elementary and junior high. When we all went our separate ways for high school, we swore that we'd have a yearly reunion to catch up and reminisce on the olden days at PCS. Of course, scheduling around 7 busy schedules was more difficult than we thought, so our yearly reunion turned into an every-couple-of-years-when-we're-all-home-from-college-at-the-same-time reunion.
We all met at Kate's house today for what we thought would be a couple of hours of hanging out. 8 1/2 hours & 2 meals later, we said our goodbyes and promised that we'd see each other again before 1 of our weddings (we're guessing it will be kate's wedding).

December 26---I'll trade you my sheep for your rock

My family is still in town, so my mom was sure to arrange an Xmas party with all their pasadena friends before they have to head back to nashville. while all the parentals mingled, hunter and all of his long lost friends played some board game called settlers of something or other. As you can tell, I was greatly enthused by this game....

Thursday, December 25, 2008

December 25---Merry Christmas, People!

(click to enlarge images)

Christmas in Los Angeles was very relaxed (and completely perfect) this year. The youngsters woke us up bright and early to come downstairs and see the motorcycle that Santa left for them (seriously--2nd photo in the far right column). We spent the morning opening presents--I got a microwave! (3rd photo in top row--you can tell you're no longer one of the kids when you start getting domestic gifts.) It was a wonderful day spending Christmas with the whole family just like the good ole days before we moved. We stayed in our PJs and played board games, drank delicious tea and then had a savory prime rib dinner once the extended family arrived. It was a perfect holiday and I hope yours was as wonderful as ours!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 24---Smells like Christmas

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Hunter & I journeyed to St. Alban's street (after stopping by the Quinteros to say hi to Kate, Matt Garr and Andrew) to experience San Marino's massive Christmas tree lane. As we rolled down the window to take some photos, Hunter remarked that it smelled like Christmas with the wonderful fireplace aroma in the air. I love driving down that street at Christmas time because the HUGE decorated trees make you feel like you're 2 inches tall. It's a pretty cool experience. One of my favorites.
Merry Almost Christmas All!

December 23---Demolishing My Christmas Shopping with Mary

My best-school-friend (thats really what we called each other) from high school, Mary is home from Texas and we executed our Christmas shopping in Old Town this morning.

December 22--Emma Turns "Free"

Little Emma turned three today.
She's growing up too fast.

December 21---Caroling in Sierra Madre

My friend Katie invited me to join her family for the Sierra Madre candlelit walk down Baldwin Ave. It's a tradition for the residents of Sierra Madre and it was fun to join in singing carols with everyone.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

December 20---The Fashion Mullet

It was haircut day for Matt & I. I kept it simple with a trim; Matt went all out and celebrated his lack of school for the next few weeks with a fashion mullet....yes, a fashion mullet. Jamie's face lit up when she heard those words.

December 19---Acorn Adventures, Part II

(Click to Enlarge)

My Friday afternoons are most often spent on Mountain Street babysitting my favorite Griffith kids. When we grow tired of playing with playdough/"cooking", watching Harold & the Purple Crayon or dress up (while Ben plays cars); an acorn adventure usually awaits Ben, Abby, Emma & I.

December 18---Edible Ornaments

Katelyn, who has been obsessed with the Food Network lately, inspired Matt & I to make edible ornaments with her tonight. We forgot to put holes in them, so they became edible table decorations, but they were a fun experiment anyway.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

December 17---It's beginning to look (and feel) a lot like Christmas

Christmas break has officially begun. Kate & Matt arrived home from San Fran tonight and my parents arrive next week from Nashville. I'm so looking forward to a homework-less month of fun with friends and family.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16---Fish Escapades with Landon

Xray and I arrived at the kid's house tonight ready for Logan, Austen & Landon to fish sit for me during the next month of Xmas break. Without so much as seeing my fish, Landon quickly decided that Snoopy was a better suited name for him. After we changed his tank water, Landon fed Xray-Snoopy, making sure not to feed him too much because fish have such small "moufs" and might "troke".

Monday, December 15, 2008

December 15---Rainboots For a Rainy Day

it's been a glorious day of RAIN. it hasnt just been sprinkling, but it's been hardcore pouring since last night and it's been absolutely amazing. i've been able to legitly wear my rainboots for the first time this year. oh what a great day it's been.

ps. photo of the day credit goes to Jamie!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14---I Finally Got My Picture....

After taking Hope to 3 rehearsals, I was finally able to meet the amazingly down to earth, Ryan Gosling! Dead Man's Bones recorded with Hope's choir for the final time today so keep a look out for their album come May. The album is a Halloween love story so all the kids were decked out in rediculous costumes all day. Due to privacy issues, I was told that I can't put the videos and photos that I took in the recording studio online until photos are released on their myspace. ( I am however going to make a private facebook album with all the photos/videos so if you want to see them let me know and I'll add your name).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

December 13---I'm Free

This wonderful Saturday morning was ruined by my dreaded math final (who seriously gives a final (especially a math final) on a Saturday morning??) This miserable week of studying was finally put to rest at 1:30 when I completed the miserably long test. Luckily I spent so much of my week preparing for it that it wasn't QUITE as bad as I was anticipating it to be. I celebrated my completion by collapsing in my bed and staying there for most of the day catching up on ABC and NBC shows online. An afternoon of rest was just what my exhausted brain needed.

December 12---Headshots

My good friend Michelle is auditioning for a tv show on HBO this weekend and asked me if I could shoot some new head shots for her. I agreed hesitantly, hoping I wouldn't mess this up for her, as I have zero experience with this foreign headshot thing. This past weekend my dad finally gave me my beloved Nikon back (and a new lens to go with it--double woot) so I was excited to embrace this new challenge with her. This is one of the many shots we got--we did traditional black and white as well as color. I think they turned out pretty nice--but that's only because I had an amazing model!

December 11--- And More Math....

My day was spent attending a 3-hr review session for my math final, then driving to pasadena to get tutored by my long lost tutor, margot. I'm sick to death of this math stuff---lesson learned: pay more attention during the semester so you don't have to cram 3 months of math into the week before the test....

December 10---My Lack of Blogging...

I've been living at the Hermanson house these last 2 days because I was put in charge of early-morning-school-driving while my aunt has been out of town. I have a massive math final at the end of this week, and I have been pouring my every thought into it. I made a point of leaving my laptopin Northridge while at my cousins so that the distraction of the internet would be eliminated in the hopes of spending the unused internet time engulfing myself in my math.
My apologies for being gone so long but I am officially back and blogging!

December 9-- Landon & His Muscles

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December 8---Christmas Lights To Go With Our Snowflakes

I returned to Northridge tonight with Christmas lights in tow (thanks mom&dad). Jamie & Kasey agreed they were meant for our balcony (to accompany our snowflakes) so they hung them for me since I was incapable of doing it without breaking them...

December 7---Christmas Came Early From Lenny

It felt like Christmas this whole weekend having everyone under one roof, but it especially felt like Christmas today when Hunter, Rod & I got to open Lenny's Christmas gifts! Thanks again Lenny!

Dad & I successfully finished setting up his Africa blog today! He still has many posts to write, but if you're interested in reading about his trip and learning about any new happenings at Tenwek Hospital in Kenya, feel free to view it at tom-at-tenwek.blogspot.com (a link is also listed under my "Favorites")

Saturday, December 6, 2008

December 6---I Think I'll Call You Rod....

One of the highlights of yesterday was meeting our foreign exchange student, Rodrigo. I found out today that his full name is Carlos Rodrigo Pacheco Lainfiesta, so our family calls him Pache. I decided that since he's living in the US right now, he should have an American nickname and since Carl wasn't spunky enough for him, we decided on Rod....I think it suits him. (he goes home next week after being with my family for 2 months and when I asked him today if was excited to see his family he responded with "no, not really"...he seems to be enjoying this time with my fam).
Today was spent looking at the 1700 pictures my dad brought back with him from Africa (holy cow some of the stuff is intense). Tonight we hung Christmas lights outside on the two "christmas trees" that we have in our front yard...top right photo is my dad having conquered them... Lenny flew in tonight (the whole gangs here--this really is the perfect weekend) and we all spent our night laughing hysterically at the ridiculous obstacles that the game Cranium has to offer. (P.S. Katelyn, look at Hunter in the middle left photo....HE BOUGHT NEW PAJAMAS finally!) None of this was until my dad spent some time playing the piano for us (that's one of the things I've missed the most.)
I can't believe the last time I saw these people was June...geeze person I've missed my family.

December 5--- "You're Meghan!"

Today I spent my day flying to Nashville to surprise the boys in my family. A month ago my mom called me and asked what I was doing the weekend after Thanksgiving. I didn't have anything on the schedule (except studying for finals but who really wants to do that?) so mom booked me a flight (because it was way cheaper than flying Thanksgiving weekend). She said the only condition was that I don't tell Hunter or my dad. I quickly agreed, excited to potentially surprise them (I say potentially because the chances of me keeping the secret from them for an entire month was rare). Well....we pulled it off. I spent my day in the air, trying to think of the perfect way of announcing my presence. My dad arrived home first so I headed to the piano (when I was little he used to HATE when I would pound on it....so what do I do? I pound on it...) As he walked in the door he heard very excessive, loud, and obnoxious pounding on his baby grand. I knew it would quickly draw his attention....and I was right. He turned the corner and looked in at the piano...his jaw dropped and his first response was "you're meghan!?" It took his head a couple minutes to rap around the fact that I was actually sitting there, in person.
Hunter came home next....when he got in the house my mom told him that something came in the mail for him today and that it was in his room. When he got upstairs I jumped from the closet and he quickly responded with, "what the hell?!" (the photos above are after my surprise).
Its been a great night catching up with family who wasn't expecting to see me for 2 more weeks....the surprise was a success!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

December 4---Remember the Days?

Remember the days when we went to football games just to cheer on the boy we had a crush on? It's weird that Logans all grown up now and cheering her boyfriend on (it's weird that she even has a boyfriend!) I forget that I'm not the only one that grows up.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December 3---Snowflakes Fall in Southern California

It's December which means it's time to deck out the apartment with snowflakes, listen to Christmas carols & enjoy my advent chocolate (thank you trader joes) each day as it gets closer to Christmas! Isn't that on everyone's to do list this season?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2---Rough Life.

Every (early) Tuesday & Thursday morning as Jamie and I walk to our dreaded Biology class, we see this guy. Jamie always jokes that I need to get a picture of him for my blog because the poor guy always looks completely miserable walking from our dorms to campus (which is about a 15-20 min walk) carrying his laptop, music stand and trombone (?). I personally think its hard enough walking to class that early with my small backpack, let alone carrying enough equipment for a concert. Maybe on Thursday we'll offer our assistance...

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1---My Night of (Once Again) Not Meeting Ryan Gosling & Returning to the Valley After 28539 Years

Home sweet home. That's what today's photo is. I returned here tonight after a wonderfully long week of playing in Pasadena with my bestie and her family. I extended my weekend due to working at MHS today and taking Hope to what I thought was the Dead Man's Bones' rap up party (excited to finally meet/take a photo with the oh so pretty Ryan Gosling)....
Nope, I was wrong. What I took Hope to tonight was a concert for her choir that was completely separate from anything Ryan Gosling related. I was a tad disappointed until I looked around the room and noticed his unmistakable mug in the back of the room watching the concert along with the rest of us parent types. After Hope's performance she ran out the door refusing to go mingle in the crowd that had so quickly formed around him. We sadly left without a photo or an introduction (well, an introduction for me---she has the luxury of seeing him every Sunday night for rehearsal) so I'm sad to report that there is no photo for you all tonight....Hope claims that I'll have my chance at a photo/introduction when I take her to the launch party (whenever that is) so we'll see if that ever happens....