Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 26---Oh, Hey Thanks.

Even though Relient K was headlining, Matt & I drove to the Glass House in Pomona for one of the opening acts, Owl City. Adam, the mastermind behind the electronica/pop music, surprised us by being this quirky kid from Minnesota who never really said much to the audience except for the occasional "oh, hey thanks". It was a really fun show and if I wasn't going to miss him by 3 days in Nashville, I'd be seeing again on the 19th.

for more owl city:

May 25--A Lazy Memorial Day.

Our Memorial Day was spent tackling puzzles and catching some much needed Zzzzzz's.

May 24---HUNTER.

Hunter (& his pillow) flew into CA today!
We'll get him here for a week then
hello Nashville for both of us.

May 23---Our Big Day.

Manal & I signed the lease and got the keys to our new apartment today!

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 22---Garr's Got a Tree!

May 21---Changeling.

More couch-rest for me today.
Finally starting to recover from yet another case of strep.
Kate & I watched Changeling: GREAT movie / acting.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

May 20---Welcome Home Bestie!

Matt & Kate arrived home with Juan and a truck filled with their bags today!

P.S. Kris won! Adam won't be tied down with American Idol's crazy contracts now! YAY!

May 19---Kris vs. Adam


I have strep (again) and have been on couch-rest all day.
So tonight Mama B and I had an American Idol finale party.
I really have no idea who's going to win this season.
I don't really care either--they're both amazing.

May 18---Hairdying with Mary

May 17---Burger Date.

I got out of work early today and was finally able to see Matt for the first time in what feels like 258493 years.

May 16---Winkler Family Reunion.

We headed up to Lancaster today to celebrate Grandma Grandma's 98th birthday.
All of our great aunts & uncles & cousins are in town so it ended up being one big family reunion.

Logan & I realized tonight that Grandma Grandma lived through the Great Depression as well as both World Wars & we've never heard any of her stories.

So, I looked at her and said, "Grandma Grandma, tell us about your life, where were you born?"
She looked at me strangely and said, "Well, geez I don't remember"

I think we're going to have to hear about her stories from Nana....

May 15---Bye, Bye Northridge.

Manal & I said our goodbyes as we left our dorm empty and ready for next year's residents!

May 14---Finals DONE, Commence in Packing Mode...

finished finals today.
1 more day to pack/clean....
too much to get done.

(I am sorry for all of these packing photos-- you are probably sick of seeing them-- but packing and studying has literally been my life for the past week 1/2 so do forgive me)

May 13----Losing My Mind.

Free massages were offered in the dorms for finals week.
Super excited, Manal, Carly & I began walking to the SSU when all of a sudden huge, unexpected winds picked up and carried Manal's Chipotle burrito right out of her hands and across the parking lot.

After we got our massages we started walking back to our dorm when I realized that I didn't have my dorm key anymore.
I freaked out since I remembered that I had been holding it in my hand, along with some paperwork, while we walked to the SSU.
My immediate thought was that it flew away with Manal's burrito.
I needed to get this key back unless I wanted to pay the $25 fine that comes if you check out of the dorms on Friday with no key...

So, Manal & I retraced our steps, examining the parking key.
We walked back to the SSU and looked around the chair that I had been sitting key.
That's when Manal says, "Meg, you sure it's not in your pocket or something?"

Sure pocket is exactly where it was.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May 12--Phoenix.

Finally decided it would be a good day to start studying for finals....
Signed on to my public speaking class's website to begin the take home final that is due on Thursday.
Saw an announcement that stated, "Final moved from Thursday at 3, to Tuesday at 3"

That's today. Crap.
That's in 3 hours. Crap.
I still have a 2 hour final to complete. Crap.

I quickly escaped from panic mode and got down to work, accompanied by Phoenix's new album, "Wolfgang Amadeus"
I finished the final, had enough time to make a trip to the storage unit and got to class before she shut the door.
WHEW that was a close one.

1/2 the class still thinks the final is on Thursday apparently....

May 11--Going Stir Crazy.

To Do List:
- Stop playing in our boxes and start packing them
- Stop using "packing" as an excuse not to study for finals
- Stop eating cookie dough and jolly ranchers--they really aren't good for you

May 10--Packing, Packing, a Little Studying, and More Packing

It's a little chaotic around here.

We have finals all week until Thursday
and they thank us for our hard work
by kicking us out of the dorms on Friday morning.

Monday, May 11, 2009

May 9---The Couch.

Today was moving the couch day.
I've been dreading this day since last August when Kate and I almost died trying to get the thing up 3 flights of stairs and through 5 doorways (she still has a scar)
with the help of Manal, Carly & Danielle (& Austen & Landon to hold open doors) we conquered the couch move with only a couple of minor injuries!

We drove it to the storage unit and after a quick photo shoot, dropped it off and rewarded our efforts with McDonalds (for the kiddies) & In N Out (for the bigger kiddies).
(luckily they're across the street from each other)

After our adventures, Austen & Landon watched Lilo & Stitch while "Meow" (Landon couldn't remember how to say "Manal") & I packed up a few more boxes.

Then Landon helped me clean.

good day.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

May 8---The Day.

We've been working towards this day all year.
Today, my AP students' portfolios were due by 1:15 PM.
This meant all 10 of them were in our classroom by 7:30 AM scrambling with last minute printing, mounting, writing, constructing, and finalizing.
It ended well, as everyone finished and turned in their work,
but I won't lie, it was definitely a stress/scare as we neared the fateful deadline...

May 7---The End of Birthday Week.

It was my last day of classes (YAY!)
and I got to continue the celebratory day
with birthday ice cream cake with the cousins and nana & papa.
(N&P gave me a framed picture of matt & I---how cute is that??)

May 6---A Delicious Ice Cream Situation

I babysat the twins and emma today
and they surprised me with delicious birthday ice cream cake!
As we began eating the cake, abby exclaims,
"this is a delicious ice cream situation!"
sooooo darn cute. and it was.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5---It's My Birtay!

I woke this morning to a dorm full of bday signs and a table set for a wonderful cake breakfast!
I found out later that Manal was up until 4:30 making a cake and banners--hence the posters saying that I'm her "rooie" and that it's my "birtay"

My friends surprised me with birthday [extreme] bowling and cupcakes tonight! It was pretty amazing.

My ex-roomie, Jamie gave me the idea to create an A-Z list describing my 19th year.
So here it goes:

Attended a new school.
Began blogging about my oh-so-interesting life.
Chai Latte: Gave Starbucks LOTS and LOTS of business.
Dealth with the 100 degree Northridge, nasty weather.
Election 2009: Voted for the first time.
Fought off strep 3 times.
Got out of my comfort zone.
Homes: I am thankful to have many of those these days.
I got on the dean's list!
Jamie had this brilliant idea!
Killed George Nelson.
Learned to be less-narrow minded and accepting.
Mike the Mechanic & Macky enlightened me on car maintenance.
Nashville: I finally accepted it as a home.
Oil: Learned how to change it (thanks to being stranded somewhere in Oregon).
Picked a major that I'm happy with!
Quarters: Necessity for bus/laundry.
Roadtrip from Seattle to California with the Bestie, our fishies & all of our belongings.
Seattle: Lived there, left there, missed there.
Tripped and fell....a lot (and documented it with Manal via the "oops board").
Umbrella: Don't need one of those in CA!
Wisdom teeth: Got them yanked by Dr. Taylor which resulted in resembling a chipmunk.
Xray: Got a new fish (who has lived longer than the others).
Youtube yoga w/ Manal & Carly.
Zipping down the 210: got my first speeding ticket (after 4 yrs of driving).


The 20 page project that has been taking over my life for the last month is FINISHED
and ready to turn in tomorrow. oh man, life feels so good.


After making too many pro/con lists,
we have come to a living decision for next year.....
And the winner is......................

We're super excited. The above pic is Manal & my room.
(minus the furniture, plus a bunk bed, dresser & knickknacks, and minus the huge closet)

May 2---House Hunting Option #2

We spent the whole day on the hunt.
We looked at 6 different apartments.

I saw this & fell in love.
(it comes unfurnished of course, but how stinking cute is this place??)

(AND the walls are already painted green and yellow tones = so awesome!)

May 1---End of Semester Stress

US History.
Huge project due soon.
Had to visit the library today.
I hate libraries.
My card was 4 years expired
with $30 of fees on it (yay)
Got all of these books (and more).
Now I have to write.
I'm sorry for the lack of blogging lately
but I'm a tad overwhelmed.
This is only 1 item on my long to do list.

April 30---Daffodils For My Mommy

Mom always decorated our house with Trader Joe's $1.29/10 stem daffodils.
So I did the same today!

(hoping to clear some stress via pretty little flowers)


Friday, May 1, 2009

April 29---House Hunting Option #1

The girls and I went apartment hunting today. This is one of the places we're interested in (unfurnished of course). It has 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, new carpet, and doesn't smell like mold/trash (which is more than we can say about our current living arrangements) AND it's cheaper than our current apartment! Who woulda thought...

(That big open space on the right side of the kitchen is for a fridge...anyone have one they'd like to donate to the Meghan, Manal, & Carly need a fridge fund??)