Sunday, September 13, 2009

DAY 365 // September 13 // Anniversaries.

Today is Day 365.
1 year ago I set out to take 1 (or more) photos every day & today I have successfully completed that goal.
(which means this is the very last blog post you'll find here...)

Today is not only my blog's "anniversary"
but also
my Nana & Papa's 50th Wedding Anniversary.

My Aunt & Uncle drove us kids up to Lancaster to attend church with the grandparents.

We got to see the church give them these:

After the anniversary bruch & celebrations,
we headed to the Palmdale Airparks & looked at the different vintage fighter planes.


So, now that my 365 Days in photographs is over...what comes next??

I've been working on a new blog that is kind of similar to this one, except, with a few different things that I'll throw in along the way.
If you are interested in continuing me on this daily blog adventure, you can now find me at
(the first post will be up late tomorrow night)

In "730 Days", I plan to continue sharing a daily photo (or 2, or 3) with you, but some weeks I'll try out a new series such as "a week displayed at 2:00 PM" (where I'll take a photo at the same time everyday for 1 week) or "a week in film" (where I'll shoot an entire week with film and upload the photos at the end of that week).
Which speaking of, I want to add that life gets busy/hectic/stressful (especially as I'm starting a new major with really difficult classes) so bear with me if I go a few days (or even a week) without posting. Don't worry because I will still be taking the daily photos, just please be patient if I don't always get them posted immediately.

With that said, thank you for following me these past 365 days.
It has been a pleasure to be able to share a bit of my day with each of you.

I hope you enjoy my next blog & continue to follow me
(no really, press the "follow" button, it makes me happy)
as I continue photographing my next year in the hopes of completing
730 Days in Photographs.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 12 // Shower Curtain Tent

About a month ago Manal & I ordered a shower curtain online.
We accidentally had it shipped to my old address in Seattle.

It finally arrived to my Aunt's house today
so Landon & Austen & I turned it into a tent.

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11 // Polaroid Mishaps & Stick Stickley

I picked up Hope & had a Starbucks-catch-up-on-life date this afternoon.
She's a girl I have babysat for....I think....9 years (wow, that's a long time) & since she's a junior in high school now, we can't exactly catch up before her we chose to have it over ice teas.
We both have an obsession with Polaroids so I thought, what better way to document the occasion? Well, apparently my camera thought the men behind her were more interesting than she was.
(which of course made us love the photo that much more)


Then Matt & I headed to his house to update blogs and such.
The plans changed & he got a lesson in driving "Stick Stickley", the car he must learn to drive before he can obtain his license.
It won't be much longer...he rocked the manual today.

AND his car (the Isuzu Trooper) makes you feel like you are going on safari adventure.
I love it.

September 10 // Play by Play.

6:50 AM: Alarm goes off to move car off the street in order to avoid a parking ticket at 7 AM
[press snooze] oops.
7:10 AM: WAKE UP, run to street, pray that I didn't get a ticket
7:11 AM: no ticket. whew. that was close.
7:12 AM: move car to another street.

7:15 AM: resume studying for test that takes place during class #3 today....

10:10 AM: remember that it's Thursday which = street cleaning from 10 AM-12 PM
10:11 AM: BOOK IT to the street. pray [once again] that I have avoided a parking ticket.
10:12 AM: CRAP. $60 due in 21 days.....
[of course] you can't successfully avoid 2 parking tickets in 1 day.

10:13 AM: sulk back to my apartment...
10:15 AM: resume studying for test. not super successful because I'm kinda P.Oed about the ticket.

12:00 PM: leave for campus.
12:30 PM: start class #1.
2:00 PM: start class #2.
2:15 PM: class is a snooze....start studying for more important test in next class.
sorry mom, don't be mad. the class was terrible.

3:15 PM: back to apartment. eat / cram.
4:40 PM: head to class of doom.
5:00 PM: begin test. feelin pretty confident [at first....]
6:15 PM: done with test. about to cry. expected it to be hard. studied a lot. wasn't expecting it to suck that much...

6:30 PM: arrive home. eat ice cream...
8:30 PM: leave for Pasadena, a long drive with Underoath playin on the speakers always clears the mind.

I wish today had gone a little better...

September 9 // the T E S T.

4 1/2 hour Starbucks study sesh today.
I have a very big Anatomy & Physiology of Communication Disorders test tomorrow
& I've been studying for days.
(hence the lack of bloggage this week, please forgive me)
My roommates told me they are tired of me studying.
I hope that's a sign that I've studied enough for it....
We will see!

4 days until 365 Days is over....

September 8 // The Foreman.

It was grocery day for my roommate, Manal & I so we headed to TJ's to pick up the basics & ended up coming home with the makings for a feast.

We got eggplant & winged a recipe.
We marinated it in whatever we had around & stuck it on the foreman grill.
5 minutes later we had AMAZING eggplant.

We were pretty proud of ourselves.
We followed the eggplant with chicken sausages & ice cream for dessert!

Who knew I could "cook"?

September 7 // Felix the Dog

This is Felix (or Buddy or Carl-- he has lots of names but Felix is my favorite)
He's 6 months old and doesn't have a very permanent home right now and so my roommate Danielle brought him home to see if we would like to adopt him & keep him in our apartment.

Turns out Felix is a big larger than she expected.
So our apartment isn't the most ideal place for him.

I've never really been a big dog person (except with Captain & Joey)
but the minute I saw Felix I fell in love.
He's so cute & laid back, how could you not??

SO if ANYONE has a home for Felix (and would maybe let me come visit him often) let me know because he's going to the pound soon & I'm not happy about it.
He's a great dog (from what I could see in the 4 hours he was in our apartment).
He's really relaxed & spent the entire time he was at our house laying on the floor, not bothering anyone.

I think you know SOMEONE who would want him.
Help me find a home for Felix!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 6 // My Very First Doyers Game.

Yes, I am 20-years-old & I've never been to a Dodger game.
I didn't have any problem with this until tonight when Matt, his Dad & brother had an extra ticket & Matt decided that it is time I enter the world of major league baseball.

I'm glad he did because it was SO much fun!
I had no idea what I was missing.

We had AMAZING seats & they played the Padres which was really exciting for me since my family [kind of] lived in SD for 5 years.

I think I'll definitely be going to more games in the future.

September 5 // It's really nice when...

1 baby is sleeping & I only have 2 to occupy.

It's amazing how easy 2 babies are compared to 3.

I'm nervous for the day they start crawling...

September 4 // We KIND OF have a problem...

because whenever Kate comes home we can't help but take a trip to Urban Outfitters.
LUCKILY this weekend was a $39 jean sale & I NEED NEW JEANS.

YES. For once we have a [pretty] good reason to go shopping there.
We also got matching boots.
I know, we're cool.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September 3 // Homework Night.

Long [hot] day at school.
Auntie came for a visit / homework distraction.

Phoenix playing on the radio now.
Dinner on the couch.
Computers on our laps.
A/C cooling our apartment.

Homework has begun.
It may be a long night.

for all 3 of us.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2 // This Wednesday Day.

Today was my day off of school & work
so I spent it doing this:

(My brother has apparently put on a few pounds this summer haha)

September 1 // Team Village [Plus 1] In House Kickboxing

These are my roommates (except Britt; 2nd from left) & tonight we turned our living room into a makeshift kickboxing studio.

With the help of youtube & Danielle (third from left) we put our moves (in their cases) & lack of coordination (in my case) to full use & did a cardio workout like you've never seen before.

August 31 // Really Spectacular California Air Quality

This is what it looks like to drive in LA on a sunny afternoon ever since the fires started.
It seems to only be getting worse.

August 30 // Little Logan.

My [little] cousin Logan got her permit this week & took her first driving lesson with my Uncle today.
I Guess she's not that little anymore.
Before we know it, [7 yr old] Austen will be driving.

August 29 // Another 12 Hr Day with the Trips