Sunday, September 14, 2008


Basically, in a nutshell, I'm creating this blog as a way for my family & friends to see/keep track with what this year of my life looks like. Since my family lives in Nashville, my best friend lives in San Fran and everyone else I love and care about live scattered all over the United States, I thought I'd create a common place for everyone to come, see a photo, read a few lines and get a small glimpse of what my day looks like (and it's archived so when I'm old and gray I won't be kicking myself for my hatred of scrapbooking-no offense mom). I'm not intending for this to be fancy, well thought out, or even very detailed. Just a little piece of my day to share with you.

That's really about it. I'm hoping this project inspires me to carry my camera with me a little bit more and maybe develop my photography a bit deeper.

You got me for a year...enjoy a photo a day until September 14, 2009.


Hunter said...

cool idea
i'll give you a dollar if you go for a year

Name: Meghan said...

you're gonna owe me a dollar then :)

Mom said...

I love this idea........I have been telling you since you began college that I wish I could know a little bit about each of your days snce we aren't able to talk every day, and now I can. And of course the photos are just an added plus for me. I love you Meghan and miss you very much.

Name: Meghan said...

aw mommy cut it out. you're gonna make me cry.
i love you too ps by the way.

Kate said...

I'm with Hunter. I'm impressed you've done it everyday so far! Except I love it so please go for a year. i miss you

Lindsey said...

your blog is amazing.
i just got lost for an hour reading through everything - and I'm supposed to be working!

hope you are doing well.
our families need to get together soon,

Lindsey klein