Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 21--Happy Birthday From Afar

Today is a strange day for me. October 21st is usually a day of celebration as it's Katelyn's birthday, but this year our distance has kept me from being able to do the ridiculous things that I usually do for her, such as "secretly" decorating her room with lumberjack streamers and cupcake napkins. This photo was on her birthday last year when she, Anja and I went to Buca de Bepo and sat at the "kitchen table" and snapped photos with as many waitors as we could get our hands on (another tradition I won't go into details about). It's weird being so far away on such a special day, but hopefully her Matt will step up to the challenge and spoil her in the usual manner.
Miss you best friend, I hope you're having the most special of days.
ps. my blog colors are changed in honor of you and your love for red. xo.


kate said...

aw thanks best friend!! love you miss you. its weird without you

Mom said...

You are a good friend and I miss all of those fun things you used to do for Katelyn and her for you. I do miss those days. I say it all of the time, but it is just not the same around here without all of the female energy. I need you and Kate to come visit me next summer. How about it, both of you?

I hope you had a great b-day Kate and that you were spoiled in a special way......We do love you and miss you.

Mama Klein

Mom said...

BTW, I love the red on your blog. Maybe you should keep it there. It is a fun change.