Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October 29--Critiques

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Today was critique day for my photo class. I don't ever really look forward to my class's critiques because it never seems like anyone's ever honest about how they feel about each others work. My professor always LOVES everyone's photos (even if they're the most horrid thing you've ever seen) and no one ever really speaks up if they don't like a photo, to help improve each others work. No one actually really speaks at all unless you have a phenomenal photo of some kind. Our critiques always leave me frustrated (if you can't tell) because they are meant to be exactly what it sounds like...a critique! You're supposed to leave class feeling challenged, having learned something, and wanting to take your work a step further as an artist. I think I'm just venting at this point, but here are 2 of the 3 double exposures that I turned in today...if anyone would like to critique them feel free!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.....I think they look great and I am just glad you didn't put a picture of me in my green robe! Thanks for that birthday gift!

kate said...

the anonymous one is doing a poor job at being anonymous

Mom said...

I love the metrolink photo. Cool double exposure.

Love you.

Who is the anonymous one anyway?

Matt said...

thanks mom and i believe it's mama b :)

Matt said...

whoops im using matt's computer so it says matt wrote that lol