Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 19--"Hi Family"

I love nights like these.
It's the nights when we're all home from our busy days, relaxing, making dinner together and chatting about what's new that are becoming so special to me.
Jamie and our friend Kasey (meet kasey--she's the far left) and I were hanging out tonight when Manal stormed through the front door yelling "Hi Family!" It put a huge smile on my face because I'm realizing lately how lucky I am to have such amazing roommates and friends and how Northridge is feeling more and more like home.


kate said...

yayyyy home! what about the other one? sad, i dont think i even know her name.

Aja said...

how precious! I'm so glad you have great roommates!

hunter said...

yay i'm glad

Mom said...

This just gave your mom a great big smile and made my heart happy!! I am glad that you are finally feeling like CSUN and your new roomies are your home. It is sometimes hard to do that at a "commuter" school. Hello roomies!!! Hope to meet you all this year sometime. Maybe on my visit in March.


Jamie said...

I miss these days so much.