Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday, November 21---Our Ironic Seinfeld Episode

2 summers ago, Kate & I saw Spring Awakening on Broadway and fell in love with the musical (which means a lot considering I'm not the biggest fan of musicals). Matt & I have been trying to find (cheap) tickets since they came to Hollywood (mostly because I've made him listen to the soundtrack for so long and he's been curious to see what it was all about). Last week I finally stumbled across $45 tickets at and jumped at the opportunity to purchase them.
Wellllll...this week's been a rough one considering on Tuesday Matt & I decided to take a break (I haven't blogged about it yet to protect his privacy). After we had made the decision, I realized we had Spring Awakening tickets for tonight and we decided to see how the week went and then decide what to do with them. Matt finally decided that he still wanted to see the show, so we decided to go together like we had planned--even though we're broken up. We ended up laughing about it because only we would get all dressed up and go on a "date" 3 days after we broke up. The whole situation was like an ironic Seinfeld episode.


jamie_R_Erickson said...

I love musicals. I'm glad it worked out.

kate said...

ahhh spring awakening!!!!

Mom said...

I am really glad that you had a great time together and laughed about it. You have waited a long time to see that musical again. It will be near here next year.


SamiandAlex said...

for some reason my matt and i did the very same thing this friday. but as in our usual fashion, that awkward date ended in us getting back together. figures.

ps thanks for giving me one more excuse to procrastinate on this paper.