Friday, November 28, 2008

November 27---We Invited a Few Friends for Captain's Last Thanksgiving....

The (sad) joke of our Thanksgiving was that this might be Captain's (the B-Bacher's dog) last Thanksgiving, so we pulled out all the stops and celebrated with a whopping 25 people (ok, we were having a huge celebration with, or without it being Captain's last) but the joke never died. The day was very fun--the little cousins (Austin & Matthew) enjoyed engulfing themselves in Kate's Wii while the adults enjoyed the outdoor dining experience on the Bbacher's patio. While Garr & Austin had a super cute jam sesh (Austin is so freaking adorable---watch the vid!), Matthew was trying his hardest to play the Wii but kept yelling at them because he "couldn't focus"!

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Mom said...

How beautiful is that table. I only wish I knew how to throw a party like Mama B!!! I am SO happy that although you could could not spend Thanksgiving with us, you were able to be with your second family and most of all your "bestie".