Monday, November 3, 2008

November 3---Abandoned Baseball Fields and Forsaken Mirrors

After photo class today, my friend Christian and I stumbled across two monstrous mirrors left for the taking at a dumpster near campus. We decided to put our discovery to use and haul them to a nearby abandoned baseball field. We turned our discovery into a makeshift photo shoot which I think turned out quite amazing given the beautiful array of colors that God gifted our sky with today.
(PS. the weather was a lovely 65 degrees today which meant scarf and moccasins for meghan--my favorite!!)


Jamie Erickson said...

It was freezing!! Your picture looks like a painting.

Manal said...


Mom said...

Wow, that really is an awesome photo! 65 degrees, how nice for you. We are having warmer weather than you are. It was 75 here yesterday, but oh so beautiful. The colors in the trees are spectacular. I am having so much fun with your camera and am dissapointed that dad has to take it tomorrow. Can't wait for you to see the fall photos. Dad leaves early tomorrow so make sure you call him today.

Have fun voting with Auntie! She will be photographing this first for you.

love you

Cindy said...

really beautiful - love ' to keep up on you (got the name thingy right this time!?!)

kate said...

wow! this is amazing!!!!

Marissa Rohanna said...

you're so cool.
and i'm glad you broke out the scarf/mox.
feels like home.

griffithzoo said...