Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16---Fish Escapades with Landon

Xray and I arrived at the kid's house tonight ready for Logan, Austen & Landon to fish sit for me during the next month of Xmas break. Without so much as seeing my fish, Landon quickly decided that Snoopy was a better suited name for him. After we changed his tank water, Landon fed Xray-Snoopy, making sure not to feed him too much because fish have such small "moufs" and might "troke".


Susie said...

I hope X-Ray is still alive when you get him back in a month!!!! You never know what that little Landon might try and do, he is ALL boy...........

Again, don't you have a better photo of your dear mommie??????

xoxo, have fun with Kate.

MEGHAN said...

yeah even though landon was afraid of him "troking", he kept telling me that he was hungry and needed more food haha
he might be a little overfed by the time i take him back to northridge in a month.

and no, i love that picture. it will go away at the end of the week when i put 2 more pictures up. deal with it :)