Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 24---Smells like Christmas

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Hunter & I journeyed to St. Alban's street (after stopping by the Quinteros to say hi to Kate, Matt Garr and Andrew) to experience San Marino's massive Christmas tree lane. As we rolled down the window to take some photos, Hunter remarked that it smelled like Christmas with the wonderful fireplace aroma in the air. I love driving down that street at Christmas time because the HUGE decorated trees make you feel like you're 2 inches tall. It's a pretty cool experience. One of my favorites.
Merry Almost Christmas All!


kate said...

veryyyy impressed that you were able to make your way through san gabriel last night! ALL the way to matts house AND to st. albans!!!

MEGHAN said...

I KNOW i was too! all by memory. that doesn't happen very often. haha