Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 19--The End of our 24 Hours in San Diego

We woke early this morning to take advantage of the little time we had left together in the perfect city of San Diego.  We couldn't believe the view we had from our balcony so we took in the beautiful morning by playing hairstylists & dying each other's hair on our balcony.
We headed to Mission Beach for lunch along the water before Kate & I had to drive back to Pasadena (my first day of class is tomorrow...booooo).


Susie said...

Such a beautiful, sunny, blue skies, 74 degree San Diego day. The fun we had the one weekend a month that we used to go vistit dad.



Thanks again for doing my hair! I ended up highlighting Josh's hair again! and it turned out really good! lol
Great pictures!
miss u
love u!!
Hope to see my little one in Seattle soon!

MEGHAN said...

haha that's great! i miss ya Aja!
san diego was SO fun! I'l see you in Seattle soon!