Friday, January 2, 2009

January 1---New Years Parade in HD // Austen Turns 24 ?

For me, New Years usually means sitting on the Tournament of Roses parade route with the entire city of Pasadena, watching the floats and marching bands. I realized this year how special it is to live in this wonderful city where hundreds of Pasadena's residents gather together to celebrate the coming year together.
This year, I failed to make secure plans for my parade going and so Matt & I enjoyed the parade via HD with his family. The HD did it's job well; making me feel as though I was sitting on the crowded streets of the parade route enjoying the show just like past years (only this year I was sitting in the warmth of a cozy house drinking tea in my pajamas and not missing the actual parade experience in the least).
Later in my day, Austen's birthday was celebrated in between commercials of the USC/Penn State game. She turned 7--even though she insisted on having 24 candles fill her cake. She got "A Christmas with Marley" and to my surprise, remained tearless as we read it.

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