Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 14---Valentine.

♥ chocolate dipped strawberries ♥
made by matthew


Susie said...

How sweet is that! Yummy too! We had a nice date night out with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ross for a wonderful dinner and finally to see Slumdog. Excellent movie. Loved it.


PSBTW: Glad you liked the cookies and goodies in your little box.

kate said...

did you feed them to each other?

MEGHAN said...

thanks mom, i LOVED the goodies.
my eyelashes have been loving the new mascara and my attention span has been loving the new, short devotional (no but seriously, i realllly like this devotional)
the remaining cookies are in the freezer daddy style :)
i STILL havent seen slumdog! grrr.

MEGHAN said...

ps. how cute is my boyfriend?

bet you're jealous that YOU didnt get choc dipped strawberries huh!