Monday, February 23, 2009

February 22---My Mystery Bill

When I left Nashville in December I took with me my dad's copy of "The Shack" and have recently begun reading it.

It wasn't until yesterday that I was flipping through the back pages [looking for my bookmark] and quickly noticed something green & unexpected.

I quickly flipped back to the end of the book anxious to see if my eyes had deceived me or if there really was, in fact, a bill of some sort hiding from me.

Within seconds I found the page I was looking for and sitting there, staring me in the face was a gloriously unexpected $10 bill.

When I looked closer I saw the words, "enjoy this journey" written on it. Without giving it much thought, I put it in my wallet as my friend Katie was waiting for me to come back to earth and join back in our conversation.

It wasn't until today that I thought back to the mystery $10 bill, & when I went to my wallet to further examine the evidence, I realized I had used it to buy my lamp yesterday.

Expecting that this note was placed in this book by either Hunter or my Dad, I wasn't too unhappy about the fact that I spent this money (especially since I have a freakin' awesome lamp to show for it).

But, when I texted my Dad & Hunter, neither of them had any idea where the money had come from (like they would actually leave me a note on a $10 bill anyways) so the only explanation I have until I get to the bottom of this, is that God left it for me; which if you have read this book, is ironic (and mostly to blame for me coming to this conclusion).

P.S. this photo was recreated using a $1 bill since I so obviously didn't have the original when I took this photo today.


Susie said...

Toooo freaky..... I guess God is REALLY watching out for you. And no, I also can't take credit for the $10.00 bill since I of course have not read the book since as I hate to admit I don't take the time to pick up a book. One day....


Manal said...

oo you should still go try to go to that house and try to get the $10.. she might think ur a tad bit weird.. ahah

kate said...

your very own serendipity!

auntie said...

Hello? Wake up! What kind of private eye would you be? Don't you remember the two brothers on the plane who "borrowed" the book during the flight because they were headed to a conference where it was being taught? It was them! Actually, it was God, working through them! :)

MEGHAN said...

how could I have forgotten about them!!!
wow, i'm so glad you remembered that because it has been driving me crazy!!

this is just too cool, i can't even believe it.

Susie said...

Go Auntie for your private eye conclusion.....Yes, I do think it was God working through them. Too bad the bill is gone now, that would have been a really cool thing to save with a great story to tell about it.


Bill Ross said...

Maybe it was your fat, African American cleaning lady!

CousinLogan! said...

God works in wonderful ways.

ps. i used a normal smile face just for you.

johntaylor said...

i really liked that book

go get your $ back. i wanna see.