Monday, March 16, 2009

March 13---San Luis & Other Things

Mom & Hunter came to town & today we took a roadtrip with Auntie to San Luis Obisbo to do a little college searchin' for Hunter at SLO.
The school was pretty amazing. Our tour guide, however, was a major let down.
Later in our evening, Logan had a concert performance at Lake Ave.
Austen lost her front tooth.
Landon couldn't sit still.
Logan sang great.
Mom fell asleep.


Susie said...

A fun LONG day of many hours of quality time with you and Hunter and of course Auntie also. A typical beautiful March day in central CA, awesome school, good food at the Apple Farm, and several hours of singing to end the day. Fun day......

Love you and happy to be back home.


Tom said...

love love LOVE the pic of Austie. What a crack-up.