Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 2---My Most Favorite.

I was looking through old photos on my computer today & found one of my most favorite photos of all time.
Bet you can't guess who the kiddo on the right is...
ok, it's pretty obvious, not to mention his name is written at the bottom.

(this was originally a b/w photo but with the help of Photoshop, I colored the tractor a few years ago--and for those of you haven't figured out who the kid is: thats my dad!)


Bill Ross said...

I think the kid crying in the middle is actually me! I owned that stupid haircut!! And Tom looks as cool then as he does now.

Susie said...

Pretty cute guy even way back then!!!

love you lady~

call me!!

Tom said...

Oh the bygone days on the farm. Why do I still have the same haircut?

lindsey said...

can you email the photoshopped pic to me and my dad.

My dad would love the photoshopped one!

it's such a cute pic!!