Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 11---Meet Flame & Rockin' Tunage

"Step on up to the dance floor---You're free to dance!"

The B-bacher's close family friends came over for dinner and Matt quickly made friends with spunky, 6-year-old Nick. The
boys occupied the upstairs loft and had "boys club", which only after spying on "boys club" had I learned that it consisted of making secret handshakes, guessing each others middle names and jammin' on the guitar.
Nick called up the girls (no adult boys allowed ironically enough) to come see Matt and his concert. Now in order to fully understand this situation, you need to understand how hilarious Nick is. This kid is unlike any other 6-year-old you know. He has the personality of someone 5x his age. His mom called him
an old soul and I think that describes this kid perfectly.
Anyways, as we walked up the stairs to enjoy this concert, Nick announced that he was now to be known as Flame and Matt's new name was now Rockin' Tunage.
His guitar was called "Fire Flame" because their band was "FLAMIN HOT!"
After a few sets Nick announced that we should "step on up to the dance floor--you're free to dance!" so Mama B (aka Isabelle) did just that!
After the show was over, Flame took questions from the crowd (Isabelle, Susanne, Jerry & Nicholas--aka Mama B, Meghan, Linda & Katelyn) then he told Rockin' Tunage that he was awesome and that his playing filled his ears with excitement!


Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

Sounds like quite a fun time... Mama B is really "cuttin up a rug"!!!! I miss all the fun times at the B'bachers house:(

kate said...

he heard matt playing all the way downstairs and he was awesome man!