Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 13--- Liz Logelin Foundation on Oprah

(photo from mattlogelin.com)

A few months ago Teri introduced me to the blog of one of her friends, Matt Logelin.
As I began following his blog and learned of the unique and tragic story that his family went through only a year ago, I quickly became an avid reader (even though I've never actually met him). Today his story was broadcasted on Oprah and if any of you are curious to read more and see adorable photos of his little girl, I high recommend you visit his blog at http://www.mattlogelin.com (even if just to read the welcome message).
He & his daughter, Madeline will capture your heart and his writing will bring tears to your eyes. If you are compelled to, he has started a foundation in his wife's name that would happily except your donation. (click the below photo for more info)

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