Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 20--Mountain Street Memories

Growing up on Mountain Street, Hunter and I spent a large majority of our time with all of the Hillier kids.
Looking back on our childhood, I immediately connect 2 activities with it:

1. playing an (almost) nightly game of hide & seek (in the dark) with all the kids, until we see the outline of my mom in the driveway and hear the infamous, "MEEEEGHAN, HUUUUNTER, time to come in and get ready for bed." (yes, we were usually the first ones who had to go home)
2. watching Corina, Corina & playing Mancala with the other Meghan & Michael

Tonight when I saw Corina, Corina on TV, I yelled in excitement and begged Matt to watch it with me. He wasn't excited about it, but because I had enough excitement for the both of us, he left it on for me. As we watched the poorly made, classic '90s movie with bad lighting and the occasional microphone in shot, I got to reminisce on the good ole' days while Matt actually got teary eyed!


Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

Oh how this gave a smile to my morning! Those were the days. How I miss those Mountain St. days when the neighborhood was roaming with many children of all ages. And yes, unfortunately I was usually the mom making you come in first!! Those were the good ole days and I do miss Mountain Street. Although it has changed over the years we DO have those wonderful memories and I am so happy that you and Hunter grew up there.

♥ u

hunter said...

oh my gosh. i remember everything on mountain street perfectly. we thought my girl was really good too.

remember the scooter club? and going down to the alley. and getting grounded the day before christmas eve. and dad not letting us be around gunner. and...throwing eggs at evie's garage and you blaming it on me so i'd get the spanking. thanks.

thanks a lot.

MEGHAN said...

haha i'm a terrible older sister what can i say?
LOVE my girl. (not so much, my girl 2)

last week i was babysitting ben abby and emma and we went for a walk down by the condos. ben wanted to go down the driveway of the condos with his bike and although i secretly wanted to let him do it(since i got such joy out of it as a kid) i decided to avoid him falling and cutting up his knee haha (or getting yelled at by the old lady in her window).
will ALWAYS remember being grounded on xmas eve...haha mom do u remember that? you grounded us for going to the church playground on Loma Vista and disapearing for a couple hours. haha
and oh man, egging evies house and blaming it on you. CLASSIC.

miss you little brother / mountain street / the hilliers (both sets) xox

Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

Those were the good old days. How I do miss that time in life when you and Hunter were kids. So many good memories!!

♥ mom