Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23---"Row Up Yer Windows!!!"

Landon learned how to pump gas today!

Then he got to "drive" us through the drive thru carwash!
He was a little suspicious about it at first, begging us to "row up yer windows!"
but after it started, he realized it was just like Disneyland!

Afterward, we had a small photoshoot of Logan and her friend Juliette
with the scarves I'm going to sell on Etsy.
Landon wanted a picture too (minus the scarf)....
*officially my most favorite picture EVER of Landon*


Logan said...

oh man landon
he's quite the handful!

Jamie said...

ha ha. i want to meet this little dude. He seems funny.

kate said...

remember the day I taught YOU how to pump gas?! I do!!!!

Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

Where are the photos of Logan and Julliette???

Landon, Landon, Landon...........What else can I say. For those of us who know him, he is quite the character, and chatterbox as well!!!!!!!!

Great photos....