Monday, April 13, 2009

April 8---Nana Makes an Oopsi

I wrote a few weeks ago about my roommate, Manal and my "oops board"....well today I made an oopsi that def. made its way to that board...
Friday afternoon babysitting was underway today when the kids decided they wanted to take their dog, Joey on a walk around our neighborhood. We got our bikes out of the garage, unlocked the gate, and I went inside to put the gate key back on the hook. When I got back outside, Emma had pulled the gate wide open and all 3 kids were waiting patiently for me to give the go ahead to begin riding. I began calling for Joey, but there was no sign of him. I checked inside thinking he was snoozing on his bed and still no sign.
This is when I got worried
since I stupidly left the gate unattended....
We started calling for Joey; still no sign of him.
Jeff jumped in the car and started riding around the neighborhood.
The kids (including a teary eyed, almost hysterical Abby) and I stood on the front lawn calling his name.
Teri and her friend arrived home and got in the car and began searching the neighborhood as well.
My insides churning as I'm realizing this isn't looking very promising.

Just then, the gardner next door informs me that he thinks our dog is in there---> pointing at the garage.
I open the door, and sure enough, I had unknowingly locked poor Joey in the garage after we got our bikes out.....
geez person. all that worry over my simple stupidity.


Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

OK that one definitely takes the cake!!! You had poor Abby hyterical and everyone driving and searcing the neighborhood You goof ball....


Kasey said...

Goodness what a story Meghan!