Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 13 // Facing My Fear of Horses....

Ever since I was little, I have had a huge fear of horses.
There's something about their size and the fact
that I've been bucked off on several occasions
that has made me an anti-horse person.
Today I had to face my fear and do a horse photo shoot
in an open pasture with about 15 horses surrounding me.
The 2 above are Mystic & Diego; the subjects of my shoot.
Their owner, Lynne works with my dad & asked me
to shoot some current pics for her.
The shoot went great (after my heart stopped pounding)
& although I still have a fear of horses,
they gave me a good experience to erase a couple bad ones.


kate said...

HAHAHA this takes me back to Louisiana when you attempted to face your fears of horses then too and you did! but then had a slightly awkward look on your face. Nice job on the photos. No, really, nice job.

Tom said...

Giddyup little lady! You should've been a rancher dudette!