Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16 // Photos & More Photos.

Hunter took his senior portraits today (too weird).

Customer cameras weren't allowed in the studio so I had to sneak a few phone pics to document the momentous occasion.

When we got home, my mom wanted to get our Christmas card picture taken so we spent the afternoon AND evening taking the photos, then picking out/designing the card and ordering it...in June.

(this isn't the photo-just similar to it)


kate said...

you both look very country!

Auntie said...

Is Hunter wearing Papa's 40 year-old "ranch" shirt? Papa's got some cool green Wrangler jeans that would go really well with that shirt.

MEGHAN said...

the plaid outfits weren't planned....believe it or not.

Tom said...

I'm confused, it looks like the building's tipping over and you're both laughing???

Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

By the way, as great as it is to have this over and done with IN JUNE no less (usually it is December and we are stressed trying to get it done), this was not my idea. It WAS your dad who wanted to get it done since you were home. Good thing though, one less thing to think about at the crazy time of the holidays.