Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 21 // Happy [Grand]Father's Day.

(Papa with his oldest & youngest granddaughters)

Since I am no longer on the same side of the country as my dad, I left him a card before I departed, and spent Father's Day with my Papa at the cousin's house. We had a fun BBQ with my uncle's side of the family, being thoroughly entertained by Landon who refused to eat cow for dinner (he kept calling the steaks chicken, so I stupidly corrected him).

Don't worry Daddy, you were missed !!


Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

Very cute Papa pic. I guess this IS your new favorite shirt??????


kate said...

THATS WHAT I SAID! Except she DID say that she's only worn it once since she's be home.

Tom said...

HEY! It's "MY" favorite shirt too ;) What a great "Papa Picture". I missed my Daddy on Father's Day too, but was lucky to spend it with Uncle Hilary. We missed you too ;(