Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 3---That Southern Weather.

Tonight as I was jogging home (me jogging...I know, hard to believe) I stopped to watch a storm that was lighting up the distant sky. As I ironically happened to be listening to "Southern Weather" by The Almost (big shocker..) the thunder got closer and suddenly began pouring buckets of water all over me.
That is my most favorite thing about Nashville. Southern rain storms will never ever get old.


Manal said...

someone forgot the news paper outside

ps i will never understand ur happiness with rain.. rain suppose to make u sad but in ur case i dont really get why it makes u happy.. im glad u enjoyed the rain though :)

kate said...

what about your family? are they your second most favorite thing about nashville?

Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

We might run a close second to the rain for Meghan!!!!! Gotta love those summer thunder/lightning storms. When are you coming to visit us Kate. We miss you.....Please be home in August when I get to town Aug. 11-21!!!

Love you,
Mama Klein