Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 3 // An In N Out Welcome.

A midnight In N Out visit after I picked Logan up from the airport tonight.

She has been in Phoenix at a volleyball tournament all week & was very happy to get off the plane and step into our cool, California weather after spending a week in the hot, Arizona humidity.


Tom said...

Hey, Logan has a towel on her head.

auntie said...

That's a sweat band. The kind serious athletes wear to sop up the moisture pouring out of their head from working so hard and fighting for every ball and diving for the ones a bit too far in front and rolling over onto their backs after the dive successfully lobs the ball up and over the net just in time before it hits the floor. It's covering up a zit.

Logan said...

what zit? i've successfully gone through 15 years of my life without one! so i dont know what your talking about mother.
and the "zit" is a BUG BITE!!! (by the way i think we should get our couch cleaned you dont know what might be crawling in there)