Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 16 // We Miss You, Hunter & Dad.

[My dad's cousin] Lenny came for a visit today
(she's in town from Arizona).

NOW it really feels like everyone is here except
Hunter & my Dad

Since we had the extra hands & since Lenny wanted to see my apartment; she helped my Mom, Austen, Logan & I move my new mattress to my room.


We decided to invite my Dad & Hunter to the party via ichat.

It was way too fun.

(My mom was present behind the camera)


Hunter Klein said...

can't wait for next time! miss you guys

auntie said...

You miss the spoiled kids whining and fighting and driving their mom crazy?

Tom said...

iChat was great, but you can't talk on the phone in your boxers!!! Hee Hee