Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 19 // Ask Doobie.

Our Wednesday:

Kate, Matt, Matt & I went to the taping of Chelsea Lately.

Then we picked up our friend Becca & went to CPK for dinner. We surprised Matt Q with a sundae for his birthday (it's tomorrow).

After, we went bowling...

We played 2 games...
I won the first one by a landslide.
& lost the second one by a landslide.

Then we competed in the Rock Band competition as the band, "Ask Doobie".

It was a good day.


Manal said...

i see ur score.. thats what u get for not bowling with team village

ps danielle agrees

Danielle said...

whhhaattt cheating on team village already??

auntie said...

What's a doobie?

kate said...

greatttttt day!