Friday, August 28, 2009

August 28 // Fire[s].

My first day back at MHS was today
(doin the assistant photo teacher gig again).

Our plan was to take the kids outside & let them shoot their first roll of film.

But since there is currently a massive fire in the mountains of one of our surrounding cities (actually, there are about 4 different fires in LA right now) & the air quality is, let's just say, less than stellar; we were banned to the classroom.


Tom said...

Looks like the smoke is coming from our "old" house! Don't miss all those fires!

Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

OMG!! So happy we don't have that to deal with anymore. Nice and green here in TN.............


Anja said...

Yeah How is everything with that?! Are you okay? You haven't burnt to a crisp yet right?! If it gets really bad you can always move into my house in Seattle, my room is empty, or even better come stay with me in Switzerland!!!!

(side note/ off topic/ slash) I am writing a blog while in Switzerland. Check it out and maybe give me some pointers on how to keep it interesting... :)