Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 1 // Team Village [Plus 1] In House Kickboxing

These are my roommates (except Britt; 2nd from left) & tonight we turned our living room into a makeshift kickboxing studio.

With the help of youtube & Danielle (third from left) we put our moves (in their cases) & lack of coordination (in my case) to full use & did a cardio workout like you've never seen before.


Manal said...

this pictures i freakin hilarious.. even though we look so intense in them, we were much more intence then that..

ps my face in the first one is so scary.. the food really makes me into another person.. right before this i was dead ahhaha

Tom said...

Is that a wart on your toe Meghan?

Auntie said...

Do you girls ever wash your feet?

Noive said...

You're english?'??
I'm spanish.
NOw i'm speak in english because...
I'm know speak in english!!!