Friday, September 11, 2009

September 10 // Play by Play.

6:50 AM: Alarm goes off to move car off the street in order to avoid a parking ticket at 7 AM
[press snooze] oops.
7:10 AM: WAKE UP, run to street, pray that I didn't get a ticket
7:11 AM: no ticket. whew. that was close.
7:12 AM: move car to another street.

7:15 AM: resume studying for test that takes place during class #3 today....

10:10 AM: remember that it's Thursday which = street cleaning from 10 AM-12 PM
10:11 AM: BOOK IT to the street. pray [once again] that I have avoided a parking ticket.
10:12 AM: CRAP. $60 due in 21 days.....
[of course] you can't successfully avoid 2 parking tickets in 1 day.

10:13 AM: sulk back to my apartment...
10:15 AM: resume studying for test. not super successful because I'm kinda P.Oed about the ticket.

12:00 PM: leave for campus.
12:30 PM: start class #1.
2:00 PM: start class #2.
2:15 PM: class is a snooze....start studying for more important test in next class.
sorry mom, don't be mad. the class was terrible.

3:15 PM: back to apartment. eat / cram.
4:40 PM: head to class of doom.
5:00 PM: begin test. feelin pretty confident [at first....]
6:15 PM: done with test. about to cry. expected it to be hard. studied a lot. wasn't expecting it to suck that much...

6:30 PM: arrive home. eat ice cream...
8:30 PM: leave for Pasadena, a long drive with Underoath playin on the speakers always clears the mind.

I wish today had gone a little better...

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Tom said...

You forgot to add:

6:20 pm called my Dad to vent about how hard the test was, but he gave me such a great pep-talk that gave me new-found perspective that I felt much better so...

6:30 I ate ice cream to celebrate!

I like this version better.

Love you,