Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11 // Polaroid Mishaps & Stick Stickley

I picked up Hope & had a Starbucks-catch-up-on-life date this afternoon.
She's a girl I have babysat for....I think....9 years (wow, that's a long time) & since she's a junior in high school now, we can't exactly catch up before her we chose to have it over ice teas.
We both have an obsession with Polaroids so I thought, what better way to document the occasion? Well, apparently my camera thought the men behind her were more interesting than she was.
(which of course made us love the photo that much more)


Then Matt & I headed to his house to update blogs and such.
The plans changed & he got a lesson in driving "Stick Stickley", the car he must learn to drive before he can obtain his license.
It won't be much longer...he rocked the manual today.

AND his car (the Isuzu Trooper) makes you feel like you are going on safari adventure.
I love it.

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Everything lovely. keep it up. i will come back again.

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