Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 4 // We KIND OF have a problem...

because whenever Kate comes home we can't help but take a trip to Urban Outfitters.
LUCKILY this weekend was a $39 jean sale & I NEED NEW JEANS.

YES. For once we have a [pretty] good reason to go shopping there.
We also got matching boots.
I know, we're cool.


Tom said...

Wow, UR just now realizing you "HAVE A PROBLEM"?

hahahah, lol, LYMI!

HI KATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hunter Klein said...

soo....want to go back and get me my padres hat back??

Anja said...

Haha you guys are ridiculous! and I would know! miss you xxx

Susie (aka:Mama Klein) said...

$39 jeans!!!!!!!! I hope you got more than one pair.......

Did Kate get homesick??? Just kidding...Seems like she just left for school!! Hope school is well Kate and Matt is enjoying his new school even though he's not with you.

I want to see a pic of your matching boots.

Love you both,
mama klein

kate said...

Hi everyone! Just wantd to let you all know that I wore the boots today and ended up with a bloody heel. I'll be taking them back ASAP. Hopefully that doesn't happen to you meghanswildhad. bye

auntie said...

Why is it that you will spend $39 on a pair of jeans, but only $6 on an end table?

Gosh, if I do the math right, your mom spends $300 on an end table, so her jeans must be really, really expensive! But, if they're on sale, always buy several pairs!!!!