Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 10--Food Network and Afternoon Baths

After an afternoon of watching the Food Network with Ben and Abby (they couldn't get enough of the home cooking shows!) I gave them a bath at 3:00 which they thought was hilarious given the fact that it was still "day" outside.


griffithzoo said...

i LOVE this pic! thanks for all of your help on friday :)

Mom said...

If this is the same photo you showed me in black and white, I take my comment back. This one is SO cute. I love it in color. The other one seemed a little blurred to me, but what do I know, that may be the way you wanted it!!!! Very cute pic!


MEGHAN said...

nope, 2 different pictures. the other one was taken with my holga (toy camera) thats why it was (intentially) blurry :)
this one is cute though isn't it? i love those twins.