Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9--Attack of the Children

(click photo to enlarge)

It's another night with the cousins and they welcomed me by attacking. They are cute though aren't they?


Mom said...

They DO love you Meghan and I know they are really enjoying having you around on a weekly basis. Auntie too!!! Looks as if it might be time to take Landon for a haircut?

Did we tell you we are going to see Frank Warren/postsecrets tonight at Vandy? It REALLY won't be the same without you there since you were the one who discovered him.........Love you and will definitely miss you tonight.


MEGHAN said...

oh my goodness you sound like nana. everytime she sees landon she complains about him needing a haircut. his longer hair is cute in my opinion.
have fun at postsecret tonight! i am jealous. the only time i saw him was like 2 yrs ago at Vroman's when he first started "touring". miss you both. wish i could come.

MEGHAN said...
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