Friday, October 17, 2008

October 17--Drive Thru

Why are drive thru car washes so much fun?


Mom said...

I guess this lets me know that you were able to get your oil changed and car wash? I have never driven through a car wash before, but Hunter does and says it is pretty fun!! Hope you have a great experience today in San Diego. Would love for you to get this training and get that awesome job talked about!! Enjoy your day, at least it will be cooler down south!! By the way, it dropped down to 46 degrees last night and is actually cold out. I do believe fall is FINALLY here. Better late than never.

Safe travels.

MEGHAN said...

thanks mom. So far so good at the conference...we r on lunch break right nOw.
Wish it was fall in northeidge right now...

hunter said...

i'm going tomorrow! with my guat!