Saturday, October 25, 2008

October 25--I Hate Double Exposure

After spending 4 hours in the darkroom I finally completed (or atleast I think I completed) my assignment for Wednesday (we will see when the prints finally dry). The assignment was to double expose a roll of film (shoot a roll and then run it through the camera again and shoot on top of what was already photographed) so printing has become increasingly more difficult (or atleast it feels that way) with every photo. I printed with a friend from my class, Christian, so luckily having company made the time go by faster (and made it a lot easier having an extra eye to tell me when to call it quits and stop wasting paper on impossible photos)
It's been a long day...and I smell like chemicals.


kate said...

the font and colors look good

Mom said...

Hey what happened to the great red backround with the blue letters? I have not been on this in several days and it looks rather boring now!! No offense, I just got used to the red. It jazzed it up.


MEGHAN said...

maybe on your birthday ill change it back for you.