Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7--Take-In Thai & a Movie

Since Matt and I weren't able to see each other yesterday, we decided that tonight we would celebrate our anniversary by getting all dressed up and going out to dinner at the most expensive restaurant in Pasadena.
Okay, I lied. In fact, we did quite the opposite. We celebrated our 2 years with 2 of our favorite things: Thai food (take-in, which we just discovered tonight) and our favorite guilty pleasure--the 3rd season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


kate said...

SO you two

Marissa Rohanna said...

two years is a long time. go team.

Mom said...

Cute photo of your mouth wide open!!!!!! Sounds like a fun way to celebrate 2yrs. to me, and a lot cheaper...... I see you are still in shorts with your 96 degree weather!!!!! Not trying to rub it in or anything, but we have had rain now for the past 24hrs. and all day today. Doesn't look as if it is going to clear anytime soon. I know you are so envious and I know you are SOOOOO hating that hot weather in October. Fall is a very nice change in Tennessee, cooler weather and the leaves have begun to change. A few more weeks and I will be out with your camera taking pictures of trees!!!! I will call you today to catch up. Love you much.

MEGHAN said...

yes shorts it is. its annoying. one glorious rainy day and the rest are hotter than ever.
i can't stand this heat. seriously, i'm going to melt.