Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 17--"Hi, Miss Klein"

I could tell Austen was excited for me to volunteer in her 1st grade class today when she took me around to all the bulletin boards in the hallways showing me all of her artwork and "E" papers that were hung. The majority of my time in Mrs. Arnold's class was spent cutting laminated nick-nacks for her in the back of the classroom. Although I wasn't working directly with her, Austen was so cute and kept turning around and thumbs uping me (as if to say that I'm doing a great job at being an awesome older cousin). When it came to "reading center" time, I was assigned to walk around and help the kids that weren't in a group with their reading workbooks. I noticed that this one little boy kept turning around and looking at me, then turning back around and giggling to himself. After a few rounds of the "giggle looks" he started raising his hand and asking me how to say certain words in his book. I thought he was just having trouble reading it, and it wasn't after he asked me the 10th word that I realized he had mastered the art of flirting at age 5.


auntie said...

You TOTALLY win "cousin-of-the-year" in my book! Thanks for doing that for Austen; it made her day...,um, probably her year. You're awesome!

I can't wait to find out who your new admirer is!

jamie said...

OMG. That is so cute. In my moms class last year there was a boy who told my mom that he wanted to marry me. He was 4.

Manal said...

i love the last part.. wow they learn early

Mom said...

Your cousins love you VERY much, and as we all know, especially Austen!! I know that she was so thrilled to have you in her class.

I am so envious that you get to watch them grow up, but if I can't be there I am happy that you can, plus you take better photos so you can document them for me!!!

Go Meghan, I love your classes for next semester.

Daddy will be home today.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I want nice cousins like you!!!!