Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 27---Us7 Reunion

Meet: Kristen, Camille, Camly, Laurel, Becca & Katelyn
The 7 of us were best friends throughout elementary and junior high. When we all went our separate ways for high school, we swore that we'd have a yearly reunion to catch up and reminisce on the olden days at PCS. Of course, scheduling around 7 busy schedules was more difficult than we thought, so our yearly reunion turned into an every-couple-of-years-when-we're-all-home-from-college-at-the-same-time reunion.
We all met at Kate's house today for what we thought would be a couple of hours of hanging out. 8 1/2 hours & 2 meals later, we said our goodbyes and promised that we'd see each other again before 1 of our weddings (we're guessing it will be kate's wedding).


Tom said...

STOP IT!!! You're all growing up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooo fast! Marriages... OMG!

Susie said...

How time flies and what beautiful Pasadena beauties........So happy to see that you are all staying in touch. Wayyyyy too much history to not stay in touch.

Mama Klein