Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 28---Marley & Austen

We saw Marley & Me today and since we arrived 15 minutes late, seating was scarce. I had Landon sitting on my lap and sharing our small little seat with Austen. At the end of the movie, Marley's life was coming to an end and all of a sudden 6-year-old little Austen looks up at me and starts sobbing.
Usually, movie theater tears end by the time the movie is over....but not for Austen. She spent the next 45 minutes sobbing because Marley died. Even after she had pulled herself together, if you so much as mentioned the word Marley, she would break down again in a matter of seconds. For as sad as she was, I found it oddly hilarious. This picture of her cracks me up.... (and I have her full permission to post it here, so no, I don't feel bad about posting her sensitive moment online...and mocking it a little).


Tom said...

That's so funny... And I wasn't even there to make fun of her! I could've gotten her laughing, and you know it!

MEGHAN said...

it was pretty freakin hilarious. poor sensitive austen.

Bill Ross said...

That really is funny. Nothing quite like a nice Holiday Dead Dog movie for warm Christmas memories! Isn't that the little girl that visited us in Nashville?

I'm gonna be a bloggin' foo' in 2009! Hope you have a great one Meg-Han.

MEGHAN said...

yep that's her!!
have a great new year mr bill ross!

hunter said...

haha that's hilarious