Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January 21--- Breaking Ground @ PCS

Today, Kate & I attended the ground breaking at PCS for the new junior high building (for those of you who aren't familiar--Pasadena Christian School was our elementary/junior high school).
We were reunited with familiar faces from our elementary days & thanks to Mrs B, got all the reunions documented for your blogger's enjoyment!

Mrs. Farrar-Perkins
Bomb Diggity Jr. High Principle

Mrs. Cunningham
The Best 1st Grade teacher

Mrs. Bailey
Our Elementary Principle

Mrs. Avis
Third Grade Teacher's Aide


kate said...

who's mrs. b? :) thanks for coming!

Mama B said...

Yah.....who is Mrs.B?

MEGHAN said...

hahaha well i thought the other blogger readers would understand mrs b rather than mama b....i guess i should have stuck to the norm though!!
the ground breaking was fun! i'm glad you convinced me to go...i'm not sure exactly why i was apprehensive to begin with!

Susie said...

I am SOOOOOO disappointed I could not have been there with you to see that and all those people. I wish I would have known you were going there. I need you to take a picture of the cougar on the side of the junior high building for me (remember, I still have more scrapbooking to finish from those years.) You will just have to make a special trip now for me.

I feel like I haven't talked with you in like forever. Can you PLEASE call your mother??????