Friday, January 23, 2009

January 22---(Too) Early Goodbyes.

We recently found out that due to personal circumstances, one of my very special roommates, Jamie, will be moving home for the semester come Sunday. We're all a little at odds with this new development but are trying to make the best of it by gorging ourselves in frozen yogurt on this very rainy day.

when it rains it pours.


Susie said...

How sad.........I know you will miss her very much. Maybe she can come and have "sleepovers"!!!!

Bye Jamie, maybe we will still be able to meet in March.

Love you Meghan,

jamie said...

Bye Susie. I will miss having tea parties with your Meghan. Don't worry I'll still be there for her.

auntie said...

Dear Meghan and all the roomies,
I have a friend at church who lived with four other girls during college. They made it a point to eat dinner together every Monday night. One Monday, there was nothing to eat in the house except ice cream -- so that's what was for dinner. They made it a "tradition" that on the first Monday of every month, dinner consisted of just ice cream. Maybe when Jamie moves back, you can make a funny tradition like this too.

ANJA said...