Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 5---Inspirations for My New Year

Annie Leibovitz.

Ben Parks.

Mitchell Davis.


Matt said...

haha yess this is my fav post so far! not just cuz of the bottom person who i will leave nameless ahah. this is great love it! ben is amazing geez person!

auntie said...

Did you know that Annie Leibovitz shot the photos for the past two years in the Paul Mitchell ad campaigns? I'm sure you saw them -- John Paul and his family at the beach was 2007 and John Paul and his family in the wheat field was 2008. I see a recurring trend -- John Paul and his family -- maybe some day he'll open it up to his company "family" and the 2015 campaign will be Auntie, Uncle Bob, Logan, Austen and Landon! Wouldn't that be cool to hang over the mantle?