Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 19---Our Newest Addition to the Kitchen Collection

First off, my good friend Carly has never been featured on this blog so for those of you who have been wanting to meet her (i.e. Mom), meet Carly.
Tonight was an interesting one as Manal, Carly & I were up until the early morning. Carly & I gabbing about such things as our new gym membership and her newly acquired single-ness & Manal cramming for 2 tests & a paper.
Before we called it a night (or rather, a morning), we wanted to show off our new addition to the apartment that I received in the mail today.
My Grandma Amy hand embroiders dish towels and she has finally graced my doorstep with a few!

P.S. Manal decided to beautify our apartment today with these tulips. I hope they smell as good as they look and kill the strong odor coming from our kitchen area.


Manal said...

look at my hair.. its wild.. that was a long night

kate said...

GRANDMA AMY! I miss her letters!

Susie said...

You can thank your wonderful mommy for this. I knew that you needed kitchen towels and as you know I think these are the best ones, so I dropped the hint to her. Be careful not to cut holes into them!!!


PSBTW: Don't forget the thank you to her.

My word verification for thi is "happy", so be happy today....

Susie said...

Oh yeah, welcome to the family Carly. I hope I get to meet all of you girls in March when I am in town. Set up a date Meghan.

Mama Klein

Carly said...

Thank you! I'm sure I'll be around. And these towels are the cutest.

Tom said...

Awwwwwwwww, totally cool piggies from Grandma Amy (seems I've seen them somewhere before).

PS. My word verification today is "duftxchma". Have a duftxchma day!